Carlsbad Landscape Designer

Serving Carlsbad, CA for decades

Drummond Landscape Consulting is your Carlsbad landscape designer. With over 40 years of formal education and experience, Drummond provides a wide range of landscape design services in Carlsbad and throughout North County, San Diego.

Wide Range of Landscape Design Services in Carlsbad

One of our specialties is partial and total turf conversions to drought tolerant landscapes. But with over 40 years of landscape design experience, we provide a wide range of design services. Here are a few common services…

  • Patio and walkways
    • Concrete, pavers, flagstone, decomposed granite, etc.
    • Multi- level
    • Barbecue, kitchen facilities, fire pit
    • Outside sound and projection equipment  (television)
  • Garden walls / Bench walls /Engineered Retaining Walls
    • Many choices of material
  • Water features, fountains, Meandering creek bed with recycled water
  • Swimming pool /Spa
  • Dry Creek Bed
  • Rocks/Boulders
  • Inanimate Objects; statues, bird baths, art work i.e. metal pieces
  • Grading / Soil Mounding
  • Wood deck(s) and overhead shade structure(s)
  • Fencing – variety of material choices
  • Soil retention solutions
  • Surface and sub-surface drainage systems
  • Automated Irrigation systems
  • Landscape lighting
  • Adult sports
    • Volley ball
    • Horse shoes
    • Sport courts of all sizes
    • Zip line
  • Kids playground and equipment
  • Plant material list (Trees, shrubs & ground covers)
    • Strong emphasis on drought tolerant
  • Lawn areas (Seed, Sod, Artificial)
  • Mulch top dressing

Your Trusted Landscape Designer in Carlsbad

With a strong focus on integrity, we create successful landscapes that are rooted in character and client participation. Each landscape design project is unique, but all projects meet the following four objectives…

1. Must be Outstandingly Beautiful

2. Drought Tolerant (water conservative)

3. Sustainable (long lived)

4. Low Maintenance

Carlsbad Landscape Design Experience

As a long time resident of North County, owner Dennis Drummond has completed hundreds of landscape design projects in and around Carlsbad. We know the area, housing design trends, the lifestyle and the native plants that will thrive in our climate.