Fallbrook Landscape Design Services

Serving North San Diego and South Riverside Counties

Landscape Design Objectives

My primary objective in achieving a successful landscape design adheres strongly to the following 4 criteria:

1. Must be Outstandingly Beautiful

2. Drought Tolerant (water conservative)

3. Sustainable (long lived)

4. Low Maintenance

However, it all begins with wishes and dreams….  considering the possibilities. Brainstorming the possibilities and having fun doing it stimulates creative ideas. This is followed by a realistic thought process of strategic planning and budget consideration. The overall goal of the end result is to far exceed the client’s expectation.

Comprehensive Landscape Design Services

With our 40 years of experience, our services include the spectrum of landscape design. Here are some common possibilities to consider:

  • Patio and walkways
    • Concrete, pavers, flagstone, decomposed granite, etc.
    • Multi- level
    • Barbecue, kitchen facilities, fire pit
    • Outside sound and projection equipment  (television)
  • Garden walls / Bench walls /Engineered Retaining Walls
    • Many choices of material
  • Water features, fountains, Meandering creek bed with recycled water
  • Swimming pool /Spa
  • Dry Creek Bed
  • Rocks/Boulders
  • Inanimate Objects; statues, bird baths, art work i.e. metal pieces
  • Grading / Soil Mounding
  • Wood deck(s) and overhead shade structure(s)
  • Fencing – variety of material choices
  • Soil retention solutions
  • Surface and sub-surface drainage systems
  • Automated Irrigation systems
  • Landscape lighting
  • Adult sports
    • Volley ball
    • Horse shoes
    • Sport courts of all sizes
    • Zip line
  • Kids playground and equipment
  • Plant material list (Trees, shrubs & ground covers)
    • Strong emphasis on drought tolerant
  • Lawn areas (Seed, Sod, Artificial)
  • Mulch top dressing

Our Landscape Design Process

Our landscape design process has been proven over many years of successful residential landscape projects. We’re constantly evolving our consulting services to deliver the best landscape design consulting anywhere.

1.    Initial on-site meeting with homeowner to collect information and insight on scope of work requested – No financial obligation

2.   Submit design proposal for client approval and acceptance

3.   If necessary, provide base sheet (to scale) of area to be developed

4.   Take photo survey of area

5.   Brief assessment of existing landscape – Includes: Existing structures, built ins, style of architecture, colors, any change of elevation, existing landscape planting, special features, directional determination, climate zone and clients comments.

6.  Concept narrative, which outlines objectives to direct design development

7.  On site meeting with client to consider the possibilities, most often sketching ideas on base sheet

8.  Provide Conceptual Landscape Plan – Defined as a plan drawn to scale, which shows the relationship between hardscape (non-living) and softscape (living – designation between lawn & shrub planting ); Submit possible plant list

9.  Submit preliminary budget based on conceptual landscape plan; Request client approval.

10. Submit preliminary landscape plan for review; make revisions requested by client.

11. Submit final landscape plan and specification for bidding proposes

12.  If requested by client, act as consultant to help receive competitive bids from pre-qualified landscape contractors; Oversee implementation of the landscape as per the contract between client and contractor